What is Itsite ?

Itsite is a tutorial and article based website and  is created for Web Designers and Web Developers. This website is designed especially for beginners who want to start a career in website development or learn the web development languages such as HTML, CSS and software like WordPress, Blogger.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver Very Simple, Easy, and Clear Contents to our readers as they understand these without any problems.

Free Learning

All tutorials are absolutely free, so users don’t have to pay for anything.

Content Writing

Now You can be An Author of itsite.org.
Itsite.org is a Multi-niche Blog Site, This Blog is open for Every Bloggers no matter  whether You are New or Pro in this Field, You Can Submit Your Valuable knowledge Here and for Reword you will get lot’s of Free Traffic on Your Site and can increase your fan following.
But Here are some rule's if You Want to get approval for your Submitted Post. Must Follow these Rules.

Rules of Writing Article on itsite

  • No Copy Content You Have to Write Your  Own-Self Content.
  • You can Get only One Backlink to Your Site.
  • You cannot use ads and affiliate links in your posts without written permission.
  • You Have to Write on our Selected Topics Only(10+ Topics)
  1. 👉 Adsense 
  2. 👉Email Marketing 
  3. 👉Analytics 
  4. 👉Digital Marketing 
  5. 👉SEO 
  6. 👉Search Engine 
  7. 👉CSE 
  8. 👉Wordpress 
  9. 👉Blogger, etc.
  • After Approval Few post You will Be Promoted to Higher Level.
  • Spammers Will be Terminate for a lifetime in this Site.
  • Never post Any Fake News or Hateful Content. Otherwise you will be blocked.


  • Minimum 600 Words of Articles are Accepted.
  • Try to Upload some relevant Images to your Content.
  • Minimum 2 posts per week.
  • Only English Language.

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