#16 Blogger Tutori | Basic Settings in Blogger

Basic Settings in Blogger This is very important to configure your  Blog  using  Basic Settings  in your  Blogger Dashboard . In this tutorial, you are going to learn how to — Manage Title and Description. Manage Privacy — list your Blog on Blogger and allow Search Engine to crawl your site. Add Custom Domain to your blog. Manage HTTPS Redirect. Manage Permissions — add Authors to your blog and who can see it. Go to Blogger Basic Settings Sign in to Blogger  with your  Google Email  and  Password . In the left top, click this  Drop Down Icon  and choose the blog. In the left menu, click  Settings → Basic . Title, Description & Privacy Settings Title  — You can edit or change your blog title from here. Description  — A short description about your Blog. Maximum Characters are 500. Privacy  — Set your blog here for Blog listing and Search engine visibility. Blog listing  — Select  “Yes”  to list your blog on Blogger. By default, a  Navbar  is appeared at the top of the blogs a

#9 Blogger Tutorial | Post List Page

Post List Page

There are a few things to work on the Post list page in Blogger Dashboard such as — introduction to All, Draft and Published tabs; how to edit, view, share and delete a post; how to add or remove label, etc.

Blogger Tutorial

Go to Post list Page

  • In the left top, click this Down-Arrow-IconDrop Down Icon and choose the blog.
  • In the left menu, click Posts


Select a Label and Search Posts


  • Select a label — Select a label to display the posts contain the label.
  • Search posts — A search box to search posts from your Blog.

All, Draft and Published Tabs


  • All — All published and draft posts will be found under this tab.
  • Draft — Only draft posts (the posts are not published yet) will be found. If there is no draft post on your Blog then this tab will no longer be found.
  • Published — Only the posts have been published on the Blog will be found.

Edit, View, Share and Delete

If you hover mouse on any post title then these — Edit, View, Share and Delete buttons will be visible.


  • Edit — To edit the post.
  • View — Click to view the post page how it looks like.
  • Share — Share the post to your Google+ profile.
  • Delete — Click to delete the post.

Note: View and Share buttons will not be found on draft posts but you would see a Preview button. The Draft marked defines a draft post; next to Post title.

Comment and View Count

Comment and post view count will be found in front of Post date.


  • Comment count — How many comments are in the post.
  • View count — How many times the post was viewed.

Select, Publish, Draft and Delete

If All tab is selected, you will see these buttons on top —


  • Select all posts — Click to select all posts on the current page.
  • Publish — Click to publish only the selected draft posts.
  • Revert to draft — Click to revert only the selected published posts to draft.
  • Delete selected posts — Click to delete the selected posts. Remember, the deleted posts will never be undone.

Insert and Remove Labels


  • Insert new labels — Click New label… to insert new labels. Use comma “,” to separate multi-labels.
  • Add or remove labels — All existing labels will appear under New label…. Click any label to insert it to the selected posts. If the same label name exists in the selected posts, the label will be removed otherwise will be added.

Warning: Make sure the posts are unchecked before going to next or previous page to do this same work. Otherwise your next work will affect on the previous selected posts.

Newer, Older & Number of Posts, Go to Page


  • Click to go to Newer posts.
  • Choose the number of page you want to go.
  • Click to go to Older posts.
  • Number of posts you want to display on per page.