#16 Blogger Tutori | Basic Settings in Blogger

Basic Settings in Blogger This is very important to configure your  Blog  using  Basic Settings  in your  Blogger Dashboard . In this tutorial, you are going to learn how to — Manage Title and Description. Manage Privacy — list your Blog on Blogger and allow Search Engine to crawl your site. Add Custom Domain to your blog. Manage HTTPS Redirect. Manage Permissions — add Authors to your blog and who can see it. Go to Blogger Basic Settings Sign in to Blogger  with your  Google Email  and  Password . In the left top, click this  Drop Down Icon  and choose the blog. In the left menu, click  Settings → Basic . Title, Description & Privacy Settings Title  — You can edit or change your blog title from here. Description  — A short description about your Blog. Maximum Characters are 500. Privacy  — Set your blog here for Blog listing and Search engine visibility. Blog listing  — Select  “Yes”  to list your blog on Blogger. By default, a  Navbar  is appeared at the top of the blogs a

What allows people to build dynamic websites and blogs?

WordPress , Blogger  and other like these platforms allows people to build  dynamic websites , blogs , e-commerce stores etc. Through which they make a lot of money by sharing knowledge and by solving the problems of people.

What allows people to build dynamic websites and blogs

Wordpress Overview

WordPress is a free and open-source Content Management System (CMS). It is an online site based on PHP and MySQL. It was mainly designed as a blogging tool but now it has evolved into a versatile CMS. Where, you can use it to create a simple blog as well as a fully operationable website and mobile applications. It is even used to create an online store using some WordPress plugins.
But some people still misunderstand it just as a blogging platform.
It is considered as the easiest and most popular CMS tool due to its features. The main feature of WordPress is its versatility and feasibility to use. There is no use of coding and designing skills for creating a website on this. Even a non-technical person can also create a website with the help of WordPress easily.
WordPress is an open-source community that implies thousands of people from all over the world work on it. It is free software. You are free to download, install, modify and use it. Although, there might be some cost involved during web hosting.
There are more than 26,000 themes and 31,000 plugins to create a website.

Learn WordPress from Tutorial  https://www.tosamaidan.net/Tutorials/Wordpress.html

Blogger is a service that allows users to publish single or multi-user blogs. You can open your own blog/site very easily and without cost. This Blogger/Blogspot Tutorial is just a try to give you a complete knowledge about it.

Blogger or Blogspot Tutorial

In this tutorial section, we will discuss everything related to blogger. For convenience, I separated all the tutorials into 4 steps ─

  1. Blogger Essential — All primary knowledge will be included here, such as ─ how to create a blog with custom domain, how to create a post and a page, basic settings of your blog, etc.
  1. Blogger Template Making — We will teach you here how to create a custom template for your blog.
  1. Blogger Widget Development — You will learn how to create and develop blogger template’s widgets.
  1. Advanced Tutorials —All other tutorials related to Blogger will be included in this step.


My intention is to teach you everything about blogger/blogspot in good order; step by step from beginning to the end, not randomly like other websites did.

That’s why, I will follow the Blogger Dashboard menu (top-side menu) here. For example, If you want to learn anything related to Blogger Posts then you will find the tutorials under the “Post” item in the top-side menu on this site.

Proper Example

I always try to provide you proper example with code, static image, animated image or anything else.

Learn WordPress from Tutorial .https://www.tosamaidan.net/Tutorials/Blogger.html