#16 Blogger Tutori | Basic Settings in Blogger

Basic Settings in Blogger This is very important to configure your  Blog  using  Basic Settings  in your  Blogger Dashboard . In this tutorial, you are going to learn how to — Manage Title and Description. Manage Privacy — list your Blog on Blogger and allow Search Engine to crawl your site. Add Custom Domain to your blog. Manage HTTPS Redirect. Manage Permissions — add Authors to your blog and who can see it. Go to Blogger Basic Settings Sign in to Blogger  with your  Google Email  and  Password . In the left top, click this  Drop Down Icon  and choose the blog. In the left menu, click  Settings → Basic . Title, Description & Privacy Settings Title  — You can edit or change your blog title from here. Description  — A short description about your Blog. Maximum Characters are 500. Privacy  — Set your blog here for Blog listing and Search engine visibility. Blog listing  — Select  “Yes”  to list your blog on Blogger. By default, a  Navbar  is appeared at the top of the blogs a

Make Money by Event Blogging

Make Money by Event Blogging

Event Blogging

Event Blogging!!! Event Blogging Means Micro Niche Blogging, where bloggers create a blog based on Up-Coming Event, Festival, Special Day or Special Week. Example: Eid Day, Diwali, Independence Day, etc.
Scope?? Well I mean Money and that’s what most of you are looking for through your blogs apart from the passion you have.
Event blogging has emerged vastly from the past year's after some bloggers started revealing about their success with it. Many people started trying it and frankly speaking 70-80% of them failed completely but still the remaining ones made a good amount and that’s what it is Popular. 
In this post, I will explain you how to make money with event blogging. 

Step 1 – Finding an Event

The first thing you need to do is to select a perfect event
Try to choose events that are much bigger in terms of searches as well as wider in terms of geography. Here are the best types of events that go well with this technique.
  • Sports Events 
  • Result Events – Viewers can do anything to get/view result info
  • Movie Release Events
  • Shopping Events – Offers attracts everyone.
  • Festivals.
  • Special Days.
  • Special Weeks etc.

Step 2 – Making a list of Keywords

Making a list of Keywords

The second step requires you to make a list of keywords and domains. All you have to do is, just search for the main keywords related to your event and make an excel file adding all the ranked domains and keywords on page 1 of Google, Bing and Yahoo. 

Also, make a list of whatsapp and Facebook groups.

Step 3 – Creating a Blog

Create a blog according to you to rank your domain/blog for the keywords, use keywords to and domains that you collected before to create a blog. Choose the one on which traffic is more but Competition is low. 
I recommend to buy any custom domain and Hosting(otherwise you don't need to have a custom domain).

Step 4 – Use Event Template on your Blog

In the left menu, click Settings  → Basic.
Under "Theme," Click "Edit Html".

Use Event Template on your Blog
Open the event template in text editor. Copy Html Code of event Template (ctrl+a and then, ctrl+c) from your computer from editor and Paste it on Blogger Theme as shown in image:
Use Event Template on your Blog

Click Save Theme.

Step 5 – Place ads on your Blog

Use ads in your blog to earn money. Place ads in between html code in theme as shown in above. What you need is approved adsence account.Place 2 to 3 ads in the blogger template. 

You can Use another blog's approved Adsense account's ads in this blog  if you  have.

If you don't have an approved Adsense account , then you need to create a blog 1 or 2 month  before the event and share some posts on it and apply for Adsense to get approved Adsense account.
(You can use anyone's ads on your blog e,g you use someone's ads on your blog ads are visited and the money will be added in his/her Adsense account. How you get these? So, you need to deal with the person whose ads you show before showing anyone's ads on your blog you need to set up the process how much commission he/she will take from you the big thing is trust {choose the trusted person}). 

Step 6 – Sharing

So by now you are ready with your blog. It must have hardly took hours to days. So now its time for you to start sharing.
Before one or two day's event open your Facebook and whatsapp groups that you have already listed and share the event blog.

Also, you can use website's comment boxe's to share it.

You might be thinking of what to comment?

Just comment anything that might attract the site visitor. Write any good comment and add your blog link which you made earlier.
Well you have done your part, you will now be getting a good amount of traffic through which you can earn income with just few hours of work.