How to choose who can see your blog

Choose who can see your blog

By default, your blog is public, and can be read by anyone on the web. To change who can see your blog:

Sharing your blog with certain readers

who can see your blog

If you select "Only these readers," you can choose who can see your blog.
  • Readers will need a Google Account.
  • You can share your blog with up to 100 people, which includes readers, authors, and administrators.
blog to update.

  • In the left menu, click Settings  Basic.

  • Under "Permissions," find "Blog Readers" and click Edit.
Blog Readers

  • Select Public, Private, in private there are two options -1. Only blog authors (Your blog is restricted so that only blog authors can read it.Other visitors to this blog will not be able to read any posts; instead they will get a message stating that this is a private blog.). 2. Only these readers (You can restrict your blog to only readers that you choose. However, these readers will need to log in before reading your blog.)
  • Click Save changes.
Blog Readers

Note: After you make your blog private, people who remember or have a copy of the web address of an image may still be able to view it.