Control access to your blog

Control access to your blog

You can control who can edit your blog.

Give a team member access



  • Add and edit their own posts


  • Add or remove other administrators and authors
  • Change the blog's settings or template
  • Edit or delete any posts
Blogs must have at least one administrator.
If you want to make someone an administrator, go to the menu next to their name and select Admin.
Note: If you make someone an administrator, you give them the right to remove you from your blog.

Let others edit your blog

blog to update

  • In the left menu, click Settings  Basic.
  • Under "Permissions," find "Blog Authors" and click Add authors.
Blog Authors

  • Enter the email address of the person you want to add.
  • Click Invite authors.
Invite authors
After they accept the invitation, they'll be listed as an author. You can add up to 100 total members (authors, administrators, or readers) to your blog.
Note: To manage and post to blogs, invited authors or administrators will need a Google Account.

Remove access from a team member or yourself

  • In the left menu, select Settings  Basic.
  • Under "Permissions," in the "Blog Authors" section, find the team member to remove and click Remove .
Their previous posts will still appear on the blog, but they will not be able to edit them.

Troubleshoot issues

An admin lost access to the blog

If an admin loses access to the blog, another admin will need to give permission back. If you're the only admin, try other accounts you manage to see if you have access to the blog.

Disputes over blog ownership

Blogger is unable to mediate disputes over ownership.

Remove access to your blog

If you don't want someone to have access to your blog anymore, you can remove their access.
  • In the left menu, click Settings  Basic.
  • Under "Permissions," find "Blog Readers" and click Edit  Private - Only these readers.
Next to the name of the person you want to remove, click Remove .