Bluehost Affiliate program is one of the highest paying web hosting programs of the present times. From the year 2017, almost every web hosting company launched their own affiliate program to drive up their traffic and convert them into paying customers. With, you can earn $65 to $125 per sale.
As the minimum commission threshold is $100 for processing the payment, you will have to make at least 2 qualified sales to get your first payment. The payment is generally processed between the 16th- 31st of every month. So, if you wish to diversify your income stream, become a affiliate today.
In this article, we will take a look at how to join the Bluehost affiliate program step-by-step.


Below we have shared a step-by-step guide on how to become a affiliate.
  • Click the bluehost affiliate program. You will redirect to the page (Given Below).
  • Click Affiliate (Shown in Below Image). Top of the page at center.
bluehost affiliate program

  • On Affiliate Page and click on the ‘Sign Up’ button.

Sign Up

  • You will be redirected to the Sign up form. In the form, you will have to add your username and password.

affiliate signup

  • Next enter phone number, website link, company name, and address.

account information

  •  Fill the blank areas with corresponding details. Then provide your PayPal information, tick the box beside the “I agree” button and click on the ‘Sign Up’ button.

payment information

  •  Edit your tax information.

edit your tax information.

  • Your application will now be under pending approval status. Bluehost Affiliate team will email you when your application is approved (or sometimes denied). Meanwhile, you will be redirected to the Dashboard where you can edit your tax information.

Bluehost commissions are subject to tax, whether you are based in the U.S or out of it. Click on the settings and from there, you can access the tax form to edit the information.
The Sign Up is free of cost and it takes about 24 hours to know the application status. If your website meets all the required criteria of the advertisers, your application is guaranteed to get approval.

Once your application is approved, you can start choosing from their wide display of banner ads, text-links, and customized links. Each ad or link comes with a unique code. You will have to copy this code and paste on your website and voila! The ads will automatically start running where you paste the code. Similarly, you can also use the affiliate product links on your blogs.


There are multiple ways to promote the services and products of the Products . One of the easiest of them is to place their banners and links on your website in a location from where it can be viewed easily. You can also share the affiliate links on various social media forums. Bluehost lets you customise the banner ads to go with the theme of your blog. You can also select from their massive collection of custom links and banner ads to display on your website.
Many marketers offer a free service like building a website for free if you buy the products from their site. This tactic has proven immensely successful for them. But before you use it, make sure you read the terms and conditions of Bluehost affiliate program.
The other popular ways of promotion are

Write Reviews

    Write a detailed, well-researched and most importantly, honest review of the hosting you are promoting. Don’t write fluff, make sure the information you are providing is authentic. The review should focus on how the product can add value to the customer. Make it error-free and plagiarism-proof.
    This is no PhD thesis, so, keep the language as simple as possible. Break down the long sentences into short. Your reviews can help the prospective buyers pick the right product. If they know what they are buying and why, they will come back to your website for their upcoming purchases too.

    Discount Coupons

    Bluehost will email you updated offers as and when they are released for any products. Alternatively, you can check out what discounts other Bluehost affiliate blogs are offering. You can even set Google alert to never miss an update. Place the offer in your blog post, share it on your social media pages and observe how dramatically your sales increase.

    Seasonal Promotion

    On Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale, Bluehost offers some exciting deals on their hosting packages. You can promote these offers by writing an exclusive article to draw attention.

    Hosting Comparison Site

    You can also create a hosting comparison site with genuine reviews of various hosting companies. Compare and contrast their packages, offers and general features side by side. Thus, you can help the users choose the best web hosting for their online venture.

    Hosting Tutorial

    Through Bluehost hosting tutorials, you not only educate the beginners on how this process works but also double your chances of getting a massive boost in the conversions.

    Facebook Ads 

    Paid Facebook Ads are a tool to spread the word among millions of users with just a few clicks of a button. Many successful affiliate marketers are making millions by promoting their affiliate links via Facebook ads but be sure to check which is the correct way to do this. Doing it wrong may lead to your website getting banned

    Google AdWords

    Google AdWords promotion is comparatively more complicated and requires keyword research. Plus, it is costlier too. But if done correctly, your effort will definitely pay off. Since you will be able to target the right audience, your ROI is bound to skyrocket.
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