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Start the email software in your computer 
Your screen will look similar to below given figure 1.
email messaging
Select the option New e-mail. A blank e-mail screen will open. You can use this to write an email, as shown in figure 2.
email messaging
Components of the e-mail screen are as follows:
  • "To", Write the email address of the person you want to send the email to.
  • "Subject", Write the topic or subject of the email here. Write the main message of the email in the message box.
  • "Send", Once you have completed writing the email, post the mail by clicking this button.
First the mail goes the Outbox of the email software, If you are connected to internet, the email is send from outbox to the recipient, through the internet. The recipient would be able to read the email, when she/he opens the inbox of email software and downloads all the emails. The recipient needs to be connected to internet to send/receive emails.


  • Since most email programs have a "spam filter", make sure that the subject of email is not just one word such as "Thanks" or "Hello" as these are likely to find their way in the Spam Folder instead of the box. The subject line should be meaningful, alerting the receiver of the message contained in the email.
  • Keep the message short, simple, and straightforward. Assume that the reader will not have the patience to go through a long message. Get to the point immediately.
  • Do not use short forms or SMS language like, (plz cud v meet dis Monday) in email message. Also do not use all CAPS--in an email, using all capitals is equivalent to shouting at someone.
  • For addressing the recipient, use the same formats as suggested  in the sections on formal and informal letters. Dear Sir/Madam is acceptable in formal emails to people whose names are unknown. In informal emails, it is always better to use the first name of the person in your greeting.
  • Make sure you can clearly identified by the reader. If you think the reader may not be able to identify you by your email address make sure you provide your full name at the button of the email.
  • Proofread! Remember that once you press the "Send" button, the emails out of your hands! So before you go for this button, make sure that you have read your mail very carefully and have corrected any errors in it.
  • Distinguish between formal and informal situations. Between friends, It is ok to take a few liberties such as using "emoticons" or smileys such as -or-But in a formal mail, you have to stick to the rules as defined in the section on formal letters.
  • Politeness counts! Using "please", "thank you", and polite expressions such as "May i please request you..."is always helpful.
  • Be careful while using "cc". Add recipients only when you want your main recipient to know that others will also get a copy of the mail. If you want to send the same message to more than one person, it is best to put all the email addresses in the "To:" line rather than in the "cc" line.

  • To end, you can use any of the following:

  1. Best regards,
  2. Regards,
  3. Best wishes,
  4. "Your sincerely" or "Yours faithfully" is not so common in emails, though accepted in letters.

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