Before you start email, Phone Number is required. I n this I will show you how to create an email address with Gmail.
  • To create your Gmail account you only need a web browser and an internet connection.
  • Open the web browser.
  • On the address bar type . You should now get to a page that looks something like this.
  • Click on Create account  For myself then proceed to the next step.

Create account
  • If you Already have an account then, the page will open that looks something like this.
  • AT the top Right, Click on Profile Icon   →  Add Another Account a new page will open. As shown above.

Already have an account
  • A page Create your Google Account will open. Where you have to fill the form.
  1. Enter Your First Name. {e,g Hyper is my First name}
  2. Enter Your Last Name. {e,g Cracker is my Last name}
  3. Enter Your Username Name. When you move the cursor to the next input field password, in case the username is not available, a message is displayed. Change the Username. {e,g Crackerhyper is my Username. Is Default You can't Change it}
  4. Enter Your Password.  Securing your Gmail email account with a strong password is important. Think of the password as the key combination to your safe and give it the same amount of importance. A combination of uppercase and lowercase letters with some digits would be a strong enough password. You need to enter the password twice.{Strong Password example  G$1!98*%/wj0`~  or !1#0L)(54SE<>?ny}
  5. Confirm Your Password. Password should be Same. 
  6. Click Next.

Create your Google Account
  • Select Your Country.
  • Enter Valid Accessible Mobile Phone Number. On which you will receive OPT of Six Digit Click Next. 

add your phone number to your account
  • Verify Your Phone Number by OTP. Enter OTP in the box Click Next.
Verify Your Phone Number
  • Fill Up Birth Day and Gender form.
  1. Select Your Country.
  2. Current Mobile Number: you can enter that here, or leave this blank.
  3. Current email address: in case you already have an existing email address, you can enter that here, or leave this blank.
  4. Enter your birth day
  5. Select your Gender.
  6. Click Next.
Birth Day and Gender form.

Get more from your number

If you like you can add your phone number to your account for use across Google Services. Click Yes I'm in. Otherwise You can Skip.
add your phone number to your account
Now that everything is set, you can go through the Terms of service and click on the “I accept, Create my account.” button which will create your very own free gmail account !

Your gmail account is now ready and the inbox will open as shown in Figure.