Add images to your blog

You can add photos, other images to any blog posts that you create.

Add an image to a blog post

Images in your blog are stored in a Google Album Archive and show up in Blogger when you’re inserting them into pages or blog posts.

Note: Uploaded photos will count towards your storage limit if:
If either the height or width of your photo exceeds 2,048 pixels.

Insert an image into a blog post

  • On the Post Editor, click Insert image.

Insert image.
  • Click choose files.

 choose files.
  • Choose where you'd like to upload the image from your desktop. (i choose downloads).

                  upload the image

  • Choose one or more images to upload.

Choose one or more images

  • Click Add selected.

Add selected.

  • When the image is in your post, click it to change the size, caption, or alignment on the page.

Stop images from opening in an overlay

By default, images on your blog will be opened in a large overlay, called a Lightbox. To prevent images from opening in the Lightbox:
  • In the left menu, select (1) Settings and then(2)  Posts, comments and sharing.
  • Under (3) "Posts," find “Showcase images with Lightbox" and select (4) No.

Posts," find “Showcase images with Lightbox"

Note: If you have Dynamic Views turned on, images in your blog can only be opened by turning it off.

Delete images from an album

You can delete images from your album archive any time. If you delete an image from your blog album in the Album Archive, the image will also be deleted from your blog.

Note: If you placed a photo from a private folder on your blog, a copy may appear in both that folder and in the Album Archive. If you want to remove such a photo from the Album Archive completely, you should delete it from both places: the private folder and the blog album in the Album Archive.